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ChatGPT: opportunities and challenges for education

educational chatbot examples

In the video shown, you can see the student thought someone might ask where the Moon is, how big it is, how cold it is on the Moon, or what it’s made of. This type of task requires a level of understanding and critical thinking that goes beyond the capabilities of a language model. ChatGPT can be used to assist in a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, summarisation, and text generation. But overcoming a hurdle such as ChatGPT, which is free, easy to use, and produces a different answer even if fed the same question multiple times, will require educators to think more creatively. The basic structure is good and there is a line of argument throughout, however the links between stated factors is not well developed. It is also lacking in specific and detailed knowledge that would be expected in this answer.

educational chatbot examples

A cutting-edge type of AI is generative AI, which uses algorithms and mathematical models to create text, images, video or a mixture of media when prompted to do so by a human user. One promising application of generative AI is a chatbot or virtual conversational agent that is powered by large language models. AI tools can translate between many different languages and its advanced language model allows educational chatbot examples it to understand the context of the text, providing translations that are more natural. AI can save time compared to manual translation, making it a convenient tool for students who need quick and accurate responses for their studies. This can help you plan your revision in a more structured and productive way. You can start by inputting questions and answers related to the topic you want to revise.

Conversational AI & Data Protection: what should companies pay attention to?

AI tools work solely on digital data, which may contain age, gender, race and other biases, if certain groups of people are over- or under-represented in text, image, audio or video datasets (O’Connor and Booth, 2022). For example, an AI tool was trained to detect skin cancer based on a dataset of images that were mainly from fair-skinned people. This might mean that those with darker skin tones (such as Asian, Black and Hispanic people) may not get an accurate diagnosis using this AI tool (Goyal et al, 2020).

What Is ChatGPT, and How Does It Make Money? – Investopedia

What Is ChatGPT, and How Does It Make Money?.

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After feeding the model nearly every page, SuperFocus then quizzed the bot. It passed with flying colours, raising the possibility of a new generation of AI “study buddies” that are experts in narrow, class-by-class subjects. This viva-style method is a classic way of ensuring a student understands their own work, but Imperial College also uses digital tools to recognise copied work. In summary, the advancement of artificial intelligence could have a significant impact on the security of digital documents and the protection of intellectual property. It is therefore important for companies to take advanced security measures to protect their digital documents and intellectual property. The current ‘trick’ to defeat classifiers is to replace certain words with synonyms.

Categories of chatbots

The only way to stop this from happening is by creating a crystal clear onboarding experience and guiding customers through the service right from the start. By giving customers an idea of what the service they are buying does and how it operates, businesses can significantly increase the chances of their customers using their products. HelloFresh, a meal-kit delivery service, is an example of a chatbot use case for this very purpose. Plus, by offering chatbot-exclusive discount codes, i.e., FRESHBOT25, they can track exactly how many customers they are getting through their chatbot. When a customer buys a product from a business/company, one should not consider it the end of a transaction – but rather the start of a relationship. That’s because, according to HBR, more than 70% of customers are interested in hearing from retailers after they make a purchase, especially if they provide personalized content.

  • You can ask the Chatbot by saying “Can you help me define a complex concept”.
  • Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about support for your child.
  • As the conversation continues, the visitor gets a genuine request for their email.
  • It can give feedback on grammar, structure, and content which is tailored to each student.
  • Morgan Stanley has followed this approach, creating proprietary AI chatbots for internal use.
  • Then they scripted the responses that their chatbot should give when it gets a question that it has learned to recognise.

At certain times of the academic year, admissions, welfare and IT staff have to deal with queues of learners asking often generic questions about college life and campus services. The aim of the project is to test whether chatbots really can free up staff to concentrate on face-to-face support for learners and how they might best be implemented as part of an overall digital transformation strategy. The ADMINS team are running beta trials of the assistant with students and staff at The Open University. This will allow for feedback and support the iterative development of the technology, alongside in-person workshops and online discussions with student consultants which provide direct feedback. The aim is for the ADMINS assistant to be integrated in The Open University to support the population of over 20,000 disabled students.

Is an example of smart chatbots?

Much like Alexa, Siri is a voice-based chatbot example that has been integrated into many devices in the Apple ecosystem and can do some incredible things.

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