Top 15+ Best Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in India


The foremost factor is to keep changing with the environment and the situations. # Betterment in Business Processes and Quality Improvement -You will be able to measure, analyse, control and improve the organisation processes. The goals of this best Six Sigma Black Belt certification in India are to familiarise participants with the Six Sigma concept, the DMAIC methodology, and the use of statistical tools. The Six Sigma Certification can be obtained using an online learning management system (LMS) with audio lectures and downloadable PowerPoint presentations for reference.

Best Six Sigma Certification in India – To your surprise, there is no ownership of the six sigma methodology! So, tomorrow if you want you can claim an anonymous lean six sigma certification in the name of ”Modi Six Sigma’ ‘Gandhi Six Sigma’ ‘Yadav Six Sigma’ or ‘Kumar Six Sigma’ and no one can legally object to you. But still, you would want to spend thousands of rupees to get the best six sigma certification, either in online or offline mode, and beneficial training for the best six sigma certification. Nowadays along with your traditional degree certificates, you must have globally-recognized certifications such as Six Sigma. Many employers these days consider some level of Six Sigma certifications as a minimum consideration.

  • The course aims to provide delegates with an understanding of the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma so that they can contribute to problem solving and continual improvement process in their organization.
  • Data analysis is a method through which raw data are processed and transformed into information that would be beneficial for user strategic thinking.
  • Therefore, you need to have at least three years of work experience to satisfy the Six Sigma course eligibility criteria.
  • Some of the popular job roles include Data Analyst, Business Optimization Specialist, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Machine Operator, etc.
  • Six Sigma Certification White Belt is the first and the most basic six sigma belt.
  • Six Sigma has proven to be necessary for achieving the ultimate goal of increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Black belts have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) model following Six Sigma principles. By doing this certification you will be able to know the basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, identify non-value-added elements and activities by using specific tools. On successful completion of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam, you can showcase your name followed by the Hallmark of CSSE-BB (Certified Six Sigma Executive Black Belt). Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is an academic institute of national significance as recognized by a 1959 act of the Indian Parliament. Six Sigma practitioners measure and assess process performance using DPMO and Sigma. Once improvements are implemented, controls are put in place to ensure sustained results.

  • By doing this certification you will be able to know the basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, identify non-value-added elements and activities by using specific tools.
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  • You need to be sure your certification will be respected and that the organization standing behind it will still be around in a few years.
  • A Reliability Engineer role comes with the responsibility of minimising risks and effectiveness of processes and equipment.

Hence this is considered to be the best six sigma certification in the market. This article talks about some of the best Six Sigma Courses to opt for in 2021 and their costs. Tabulated below is a list of popular Six Sigma jobs in Canada along with their salaries. The syllabus for Six Sigma varies depending on the level one is at and the course or program one is enrolled for.

In today’s scenario, the six sigma courses in India are gaining a lot of popularity. More people are taking the help of six sigma courses to get six sigma certifications. This is because the process of six sigma certification is really a tough one. Once you complete the whole course and obtain six sigma certification, you can become successful in your own business. This is why more institutes are now offering six sigma courses over the internet. A Reliability Engineer is responsible for ensuring long lasting and high quality products.

For instance, if you have sufficient knowledge of mathematics and statistics, you can start with the green belt. Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology that does not require a degree to implement, though some level of training is often recommended. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years of full-time experience in the required field.

A. Six Sigma Green Belt Course

In Six Sigma there are various levels of certifications that are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. When professionals have Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, they are now educated in Six Sigma methodologies and lean concepts. They are now prepared to be the ones who will drive the change in their organization and will lead efforts to improve processes and the quality of services offered. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt credential will make you the prime candidate for promotion towards senior management and help to take on leadership roles in your organization.

Best Options for Getting a Six Sigma Certification in India

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Six Sigma Jobs in India for Freshers

The course is accredited by top international Lean & Six Sigma accreditation bodies. Henry Harvin provides training of 28-hours to expedite prowess and help you with different live projects and case studies. Lean Six Sigma Principles In today’s business world there are various methodologies of quality management.

The Council for Six Sigma Certification provides Six Sigma accrediting services to more than 165 countries around the world. To learn more about us, we encourage you to review our Accreditation Standards, the required Body of Knowledge, and our Ethical Transparency pages. Teachers would always assign “reading assignments”  (typically a chapter in a textbook) for homework.

You are required to recertifications every five years to ensure that you are maintaining the knowledge and skills demonstrated on your comprehensive exam and certification projects. You will learn the skills required for setting up improvement frameworks and Project Management practices. To be qualified for an LSSGB certification, you must have three years of full-time experience.

How Much is the Six Sigma Certification Cost in Dhanbad?

This Six Sigma Green Belt certification in India places the individual amongst the top management and gives an above-average salary hike. The Six Sigma Certification in India requires qualifying an exam with 80 questions, out of which the candidate needs to maintain a safe number of 56 in 2 hours. Lean six sigma Green Belt course in India provides training through handouts, daily practice, and video sessions and has dedicated experts in this field.

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It helps enterprises on a rewarding journey to generate income, cut expenses, and provide a positive customer experience. It has decades of experience driving results to success in some of the world’s most prestigious organisations. Lean Six Sigma reduces waste in the working process to guarantee customer satisfaction and is relevant to most industries which is why it is currently in demand in India and abroad. Some of the most common positions for Six Sigma certified professionals include senior mechanical engineer, quality manager, and Six Sigma Green Belt Management Analyst.

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